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CDI Curbs

Custom Curb Adapters

Product Description


CDI is the leader in the curb adapter industry with the fastest lead times and the most adapter curbs manufactured. The values and principles that CDI was built upon are evident in every aspect of CDI.

Our focus on manufacturing curb adapters has resulted in a high quality product along with an efficient process. Annually we manufacturer more curb adapters than any other company. In 2011 we exceeded 30,000 units.


The story of CDI is a classic business success story. In April 1994 Entrepreneur Pat O’Brien created Crystal Distribution Inc.

Primary Benefits:

The strong desire to completely satisfy all of its customers still is at the core of CDI’s mission. Without the continued support of its customers through all these years, the O’Briens would not have had the ability to turn their idea into reality.

CDI’s Engineering Department has extensive experience and is ready to assist you with your curb needs. Whether you have a standard application or something completely unique, we are ready to listen and help. We pride ourselves in being able to create solutions for your most challenging projects.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:

Vibration Isolation Curbs:

  • Isolation Curb
  • Isolation Rail
  • Seismic Load Versions
  • Wind Load Versions

Straight Curbs:

  • Knock Down Curb
  • Welded Curb
  • Horizontal Discharge Curb
  • ERV/RTU Combo Curb
  • Exhaust Fan Curb
  • Seismic Versions
  • Wind Load Versions

Pitched Curbs:

  • Welded Curb
  • Metal Building Curb
  • Exhaust Fan Curb
  • Seismic Load Versions
  • Wind Load Versions
  • Equipment Rail
  • Filter Rack
  • Burglar Bars
  • Hail Guard
  • Coil Guard
  • S Clips / Hold Downs, Tie Downs w/Turnbuckle
  • Acoustical Package
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